The Dodona Prophecy published July 23, 2015

Book two of the Greek-mythology fantasy-thriller series: The Medusa Legacy, is now available in Kindle and paperback. In The Dodona Prophecy, Mandy Burkhardt faces an epic journey across ancient Greece to undo the spell of asylum before it becomes permanent, trapping her there forever.

As an enticement, book one of the series has been value-priced at $0.99 USD. In The Medusa Deception, Mandy Burkhardt learns the startling truth about her heritage and struggles to survive in two timelines as an ancient spell draws her back to her rightful time and place.

The Oracle of Zeus at Dodona

Though not as famous as the Oracle of Delphi, the Oracle of Dodona — arguably the oldest of all the Oracles — was likely just as powerful, if not more so.  It was Zeus’s Oracle, and Zeus was king of the gods.

Few places on earth are considered to house a spiritual vortex.  Dodona in Greece and Sedona, Arizona are two examples.  Many who visit them feel a strong connection to a higher power, be it mother earth, Gaia — the personification of earth in Greek mythology — God, or something else.

Pre-dating the stadium, temple and other architectural elements at the site, a sacred oak grew at Dodona.  Selli priestesses would lay at its roots with unwashed feet, divining prophecy from the rustle of its leaves.  Was it Gaia’s voice they heard?

In, “The Dodona Prophecy”, readers are taken to the Oracle of Dodona in ancient Greece where Mandy meets the Selli priestesses, experiences a vision, and learns more than she set out to.