The Medusa DeceptionIn The Medusa Deception, a young woman experiences harrowing trips to ancient Greece at the whim of an ancient spell.  Back in present-day Chicago, her everyday life begins to unravel as a cult, intrigued by her special gift, becomes aware of her.

A fast-paced romp.  Action-packed and twisted.

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The Dodona Prophecy In The Dodona Prophecy, a young woman and her friend face an epic journey across ancient Greece in order to have the spell of asylum reversed before they’re trapped there forever.  Meanwhile, present-day immortals unleash havoc on the city of Chicago in anticipation of her return.

A thrilling odyssey set between ancient Greece and modern times.

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Paperback: Amazon US | CreateSpace

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The Olympus ReckoningIn The Olympus Reckoning, Mandy is stuck in the present, evading the very people she thought her protectors, knowing the immortals will never stop in their pursuit of her soul.

An epic and disastrous homecoming, reuniting the exiled immortals of earth with the privileged gods of Olympus.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Absolutely awesome – breathtaking. I literally “flew” through the pages. Cannot wait for the continuation of the story.
    You have such great talent Linda.
    Where do I look for the next novels.

    • Thanks so much Sonja. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. You’re in the right place (my website) for tracking down the next novels. Book one, The Medusa Deception, and book two, The Dodona Prophecy, are available in electronic and paperback formats through the retailers listed on my home page. Book three, The Olympus Reckoning, is in progress and should be out later this year (2016).

  2. I loved your two books and especially like books that are page turners. I can hardly wait to read the last in the series.

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