The Olympus Reckoning

Forced to run, Mandy Burkhardt and Ryan Taylor escape protective custody from a defunct prison deep in the backwoods of Illinois. In a disturbing turn of tides, Mandy must now evade the very people who recently fought for her rescue.

Daughter of the ancient gods, Mandy has untold powers, only a fraction of which she’s discovered. But something is blocking her from using them. Unsure of who to trust, and needing full-strength to rescue Dino Marconi — captured in the attack on their transport convoy — Mandy sets off to find the reclusive witch known as Madame.

Meanwhile, the immortals bide their time, anxious to live out the prophecy of regaining their divine strength and ruling the dominion of mankind. But if there’s one thing the earthbound immortals want more than to rule the world, it’s Olympus. And Mandy is the key.

Bringing legend back to life, the Olympus Reckoning shatters the peace Olympian gods have upheld for centuries, reuniting the exiled immortals of earth with the privileged immortals of Olympus in a disastrous homecoming of epic proportion.

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