It’s 2088 and tech has infiltrated every aspect of our lives: from the cyber-rich decked out in elective prostheses, to every Cybro-controlled citizen hooked up to their holographic heads up display. Humanity has become dependent on tech: SIMbiotic. Now, it’s starting to go wrong.

Trino, an under-the-radar specialist offering HUD alternatives and facial recog mods, can help you disappear. Just ask any of her anti-establishment, privacy-seeking clientele. But when a Cybro guard goes rogue at a nearby riot, her under-the-radar operation gets compromised, forcing her to run.

As the Cybro dragnet tightens, Trino receives an unexpected message that makes her question the authenticity of her father’s death. Desperate and alone, she turns to former client, Neb Fink, cyber genius and suspected Anonymous sympathizer, to help track down the truth only to discover more deception and mysterious death.

Compelled to work alongside her sworn enemy, Trino learns the startling truth about her father while struggling to overcome an even bigger challenge, one endangering humanity’s very future.

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