The Medusa Deception

Dreams. They’re only dreams. Strange, brutal dreams, straight off the pages of an ancient Greek mythology book. That’s what Mandy Burkhardt tells herself, stocking shelves at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago.

But her boss senses more. He feels something. An awakening. The prophecy. The others can, too, even if they can’t quite put a finger on it.

As the hidden power inside of her grows, an ancient spell comes to life, compelling her back to her rightful time and place: ancient Greece, a barbaric era of witches and gods, gorgons and oracles.

Witnessed by new friend, Ryan Taylor, Mandy’s disappearances can no longer be denied. Together, they try to unearth what’s happening to her and why but in the process become targets in a deadly and sinister plot.

Caged, trussed, shackled and hunted, Mandy must come to terms with her past and fight for her future in a bloody battle with even more at stake than she knows.

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