The Dodona Prophecy

To save his life, Mandy Burkhardt brought Ryan Taylor back with her to ancient Greece. Now, they’re stuck. Unless they can find the witch who cast the spell of asylum and have it reversed, they face being trapped there forever.

Their journey is fraught with peril, their mettle tested against cunning and vicious foes of the time. With divine blood in her veins, great things are expected of Mandy though she’s yet to learn whether she’s gifted in any way – immortal, or even a god.

Back in Chicago, the present-day immortals await, the prophecy of regaining their strength and ruling the dominion of mankind at the forefront of their minds. Gathering for the next push, they prepare for the harvest — her raw power so tantalizingly close.

While the immortals unleash havoc on the city of Chicago, Detective Dino Marconi fights to maintain order while learning his own hopes and dreams may be at odds with the fate of humanity.

Bringing legend back to life, the Dodona Prophecy teeters between present-day Chicago and ancient Greece — a time of gods, oracles, witches and cyclopes – unveiling myths with a new and exciting spin.

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