Linda is a self-published author with a drive to write page-turning thrillers. Inspired by both Greek myth and science, she completed a fantasy trilogy before jumping headlong into the world of cyberpunk.

What prompted Linda into the madness of writing? It certainly wasn’t an outstanding excellence in High School English. Was it a love of research? An overactive imagination? Or one too many ‘what if’ questions from a career in Information Technology? Inquiring minds want to know:

  • How much integration between technology and biology is too much?
  • What could possibly go wrong? (SIMBiotic)
  • What if the Greek myths were true?
  • What would it be like to experience it? (The Medusa Legacy)

Linda lives with her husband in sunny Alberta, Canada where she spends much of her time gardening, golfing and crafting twisted tales..

Published Works:

SIMBiotic (A Cyberpunk Thriller)

The Medusa Legacy (trilogy):
– The Olympus Reckoning (#3)
– The Dodona Prophecy (#2)
– The Medusa Deception (#1)