Linda_face_bw Linda Temple released her debut fantasy thriller, the Medusa Deception in January 2014, followed by the second in the series, The Dodona Prophecy, in July 2015. Prior to immersing herself in the craft of writing, Linda ventured down a variety of career paths. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Information Systems, Linda worked as a computer analyst, entrepreneur and, for a short time, a venture capital analyst. When not anchored to a desk, Linda spent much of her free time donning Spandex or goose down, moonlighting as a weekend warrior.

Now, rather than bleeding energy off on mountain trails and slopes, Linda channels it onto the pages of her novels, bringing ancient myth back to life, twisting it into tales to entertain mature readers.

She is currently working on the third book in her series.

Linda lives at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and pet rabbit.

Author quote:

There’s something about Greek mythology that speaks to me. There’s a lot of material there, a lot of history — much of it at the root of everyday words and expressions. As far back as middle school, I remember taking an interest, drawing a picture of Zeus with a thunderbolt in one hand and an eagle in the other.

The myths strike me as being powerful, spiteful, tragic, loving and downright zany. They spark my imagination, and sometimes my sense of humor. I can’t help but read between the lines and wonder.

What if there were more to the Greek legends?
What if they were even more twisted?

I hope you enjoy my series, the Medusa Legacy.
The Myth Twister

For more information, please visit my blog and meet my alter ego — the Myth Twister — at LindaTemple.com.

Email: LindaTempleWriter@gmail.com

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