Inspiration for The Medusa Deception novel

Anticipated release date –  late 2013

The Medusa Deception is a novel inspired by Greek Mythology, particularly, the fate of Medusa.

So, what happened?

Legend has it, she was once very beautiful.

Having sworn her fealty, Medusa served the Goddess Athena at her palace in Athens. Then, one day, she either lay with Poseidon willingly or was raped.

Let’s consider that for a moment.

Medusa swore an oath of chastity in order to serve at Athena’s palace. Does it seem likely that she’d disobey that oath so blatantly? In the palace?  Women’s rights back then? Not likely.

Gods, such as Poseidon, were players. The list of their conquests, wives and progeny reached as long as their arms, if not longer.

So, let’s take a leap of faith here and say she was indeed raped by Poseidon. Then what? Who is punished?

For having defiled her sacred Temple, Athena curses Medusa to be a hideous Gorgon monster. From that moment forward, all who looked upon her turned to stone.

Fair? Hardly, but that’s not all.

Not long after, Perseus beheads the monster (Medusa) and gives the severed head to Athena as a prize. Athena mounts the head on her shield to use in battle, turning her enemies to stone.  Then there’s the aegis, the breastplate garment Athena wears into battle, made from Medusa’s skin.  Sounds a bit like the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs, doesn’t it?

For all history, Medusa is known as a hideous monster…

The Medusa Deception is not a depiction of Medusa’s life or death. Instead, it uses the legend as a launching point, providing some interesting back-story to a tale that stretches between two times and places, that of ancient Greece and present-day Chicago.